Actuary - Interesting gear and set up @ the Relax Bar.

WOAH! It's not The Actuary, it's just Actuary. Never heard anything like it. It's a wall of sound, almost like a jet engine roaring and warming up to Mach 1. This is just 1 track non-stop of solid sound. Luckily I started recording at the beginning of their set as it crescendos louder and louder.

Lineage: Edirol R09HR @ 24bit/96kHz > Imac G5 > Amadeus Pro > xACT (compressed to V0 mp3 files) > Itunes (Tagging & making 16bit/44kHz > Zipped and Uploaded for you

The show 6/11/10 TOTAL MB=36MB: Download VBR/MP3 Here...

If there are any problems with this recording whatsoever, send your complaints here: Not good enough!!!

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