Bored Mixes: My favorite trax for your recommendation
These mixes were inspired by the Traversing board for Dredg...

Bored Mix 1 Uploaded on: 12/29/07 Size=113.4MB Mix 1

Bored Mix 2 Uploaded on: 12/30/07 Size=93.3MB Mix 2

Bored Mix 3 Uploaded on: 12/30/07 Size=91.2MB Mix 3

Bored Mix 4 Uploaded on: 12/23/08 Size=95.6MB Mix 4

Bored Mix 5 Uploaded on: 8/21/09 Size=101.1MB Mix 5

NOTE: If you use Itunes, type in search for "Bored Mix 5 -" and sort by "Track#" (Click on the column where it says this) for the correct order of play for this mix. Thanks!

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