Clevis - Live 3/14/09 @ The Cocaine.

Yes, another great duo that I like and enjoy a lot. Drum -n- bass action!!! Another great set that night w/The Littest Viking, Solar Wimp, and Totally Serious. Damn, Ken, I didn't know octopus like himself play bass like that w/tapping!!! NOTE; last song is cut short b/c Ken's amp overheated.

Their set zipped from 3/14/09 TOTAL MB=44.6MB: Clevis @ The Cocaine/AAC m4as

Clevis - Live 11/6/09 @ The Old Towne Pub

Well, at this time they added a keyboardist to the line up. I thought the sound in there was not so good at the Old Towne Pub to get a good feel for the trio. The keyboards were often not as loud enough in some parts of this set if I recall correctly. It was a good set tho and I always enjoy what Ken is noodling.

Their set zipped from 11/6/09 TOTAL MB=70.0MB: Old Towne Pub/V0 mp3s

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