Cynic - El Rey Theatre - UPDATED 10/8/10

7/22/10 @ El Rey Theatre, Hollywood, CA

What a night! All of Focus, Traced in Air and 3 more songs--Cynic was great. However the mix was somewhat poor in the beginning as Timon's (spelling?) guitar was very low. It progressively got better as the set went on. Intronaut and Dysrhythmia were the openers and they don't disappoint!!! This is just the Cynic set. Enjoy!

Lineage: Edirol R09 (24bit/48kHz) > Win7 PC > Audacity > Itunes (compressing to V0mp3s) > Zipped and Uploaded for you

The show 7/22/10 TOTAL MB=189.4MB: Download V0/mp3 Here.

If there are any problems with this recording whatsoever, send your complaints here: Not good enough!!!

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