2/16/09 @ The Echoplex, Echo Park, CA

Dot Hacker (Josh Klinghoffer's New Band) - Live 2/16/2009 @ The Echoplex.
I got up @ 6am, left the house @ 7am and arrived at 1154 Glendale Blvd @ 8am sharp. Torrential downpour between 8-10am. Thank goodness there was the Sunset Blvd Overpass!!! Overpass saves the day for me!!!

This was very exciting for me to record Josh Klinghoffer's new band. I've known Josh since he was 15 and I was a judge for his high school's Battle of the Bands. I'm awestruck by how much notoriety this kid has gained. I bumped into him @ another show the Friday before the Jane's show. I find out thru him that he may be opening for Jane's Addiction on the 16th. I was shocked since I wasn't in the know at the time, but glad to have found him @ the sBach show (actually Don Caballero headlining show). Anyways this particular set was pretty good for not knowing any of the material. I'll be seeing Josh this Friday the 27th at a Dot Hacker show @ El Cid. I'll try to get a setlist or email him w/the songlist. Hope you guys enjoy it!!!

Dot Hacker show zipped from 2/16/09 Size=50.1MB The Echoplex

2/27/09 @ El Cid, Hollywood, CA

This will be the 2nd concert seeing Josh's band, Dot Hacker, and will be the most recent show after opening for Jane's Addiction. I missed the other Dot Hacker shows due to other concerts happening last April. Oh yeah, here's an update on the Dot Hacker album, as of the 25th of September the album was being mixed that day. On this particular day, it was the last day of mixing for the album, which was the reasong why Tyrone and I didn't see Josh (Tyrone was moving out of town).

Now about this show, it was going to be a late, late show, so hopefully you'll understand that I couldn't stay past 1:45am for the rest of Dot Hack's set. The other goddamned bands took their time setting up, playing, and breaking down their stuff. I was tired, long day that day. Anyways, enjoy this set without anymore complaints and without further adieu.

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