1/20/10 @ The Roxy, Hollywood, CA

What a great night this was, the 10 year reunion show on the exact date and venue! It was good seeing Shon on stage rocking it out as well as the rest of the band. Little did I know that Ronnie's stage presence is very close to looking like "Drunken Master" style. I thought, "this guy is definitely going to fall on stage or pass out or something." Later I talked to Shon and he said that's his style on stage. Only once did it look like he was going to bail on the drum rise.

Oh, I've had the Helen 55 CD for a little less than 10 years cause I borrowed a copy that I never returned. I forget who it belonged to, but thanks whoever that was. This is an audience recording. Hopefully Shon will be able to fix up a matrixed (mixed audience and soundboard recording) for the masses. He'll send me a copy, hopefully his buddy at the Roxy rescued the harddrive there.

Edirol R-09HR > Shon's Rig/Pro-Tools > Itunes (only for tags) > Zipped and Uploaded for you

The show 1/20/10 TOTAL MB=85.7MB: Download 320kbps/mp3 Here.

If there are any problems with this recording whatsoever, send your complaints here: Not good enough!!!

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