It's Casual - The Troubadour - UPDATED 10/8/10

4/19/09 @ The Troubadour, Hollywood, CA

Eddie Solis has to be the nicest guy you meet in the business. He works for Southern Lord Records, he's a concert promoter as well as being an awesome frontman for his band, It's Casual. You gotta love the name too, hehehe. The New Los Angeles is their best work to date. This night at the Troubadour Dave Lombardo's Philm opened for It's Casual and Fireball Ministry AND it was a FREE show!!! Amazing sets all around. Of course, It's Casual laid down the foundation that evening. The drummer, Tommy, was in top form as well.

Lineage: Edirol R09 (24bit/48kHz) > Imac G5 > Amadeus Pro > Itunes (compressing to V0mp3s) > Zipped and Uploaded for you

The show 4/19/09 TOTAL MB=52.8MB: Download V0/mp3 Here.

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