Jane's Addiction - Live 10/24/2008 @ La Cita.
Man, seriously glad to have got in the non RSVP line @ 645am the morning of the show. Met some great ppl/fans and had a blast. Due to a ever growing guest list for the band, the fewer the ppl allowed to get in from the RSVP line and non RSVP line. I'm so glad to be part of this show's history to share it w/all you fans out there.

Jane's Addiction show zipped from 10/24/08 Size=76.4MB La Cita Bar

Jane's Addiction - Live 2/16/2009 @ The Echoplex.
I got up @ 6am, left the house @ 7am and arrived at 1154 Glendale Blvd @ 8am sharp. Torrential downpour between 8-10am. Thank goodness there was the Sunset Blvd Overpass!!! Overpass saves the day for me!!! I must say the camaderie of fans is always awesome. This show was good for $10 for an entrance fee, but as I speculate after the show, this is only a tease of what's yet to come for NIN/jane's Addiction tour. So don't expect "three days" in this set...

Jane's Addiction show zipped from 2/16/09 Size=68.7MB The Echoplex

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