Maserati - The El Rey Theatre - UPDATED 10/25/09

Gerhardt (Jerry) Fuchs passed away 11/8/09 1:15am

One of my favorite drummers passed away in Brooklyn. He was in the band Maserati, and was a very talented single-foot-double-kick drummer (I hope I'm right about this detail). Maserati had made many new fans from their recent tour w/Mono (post rockers from japan). I made a lot of friends who had just switched to Maserati the night they played.

Before I left the show, my buddies from another band were talking to Jerry. I spoke to Jerry for about a minute before I left to nurse my poor head during Mono's set. That will be my last conversation with that soul.

RIP Jerry Fuchs

A blog about the incident

10/13/09 @ The El Rey Theatre, Hollywood, CA

It was a rainy night indeed. Rivers of water on Dunsmuir Ave flowing to and fro. It was a beautiful night. Hadn't seen Maserati since the Silverlake Lounge w/El Ten Eleven a few years ago. This tour that Maserati was partaking in was opening for the Japanese band, Mono. A great and wonderful opportunity to earn new fans for Maserati. The show was close to selling out but not sure if it did, due to mother nature's tears.

Maserati played for a little less than an hour which was fine by me and luckily Mono didn't bring a circus w/them to shorten Maserati's set... thank goodness!!! Maserati played a few tunes off of "Inventions of the New Season" and their newest release, "Passages." The new songs slayed like no other and new and old fans were wooed easily by their sleek, delay-ridden sound.

Unfortunately, this was night #4 of Roctober and Mono subdued me to the point of nausea. The guitars were way loud in the mix I thought and the lighting was very seductive. I only stuck around for about 3 songs I believe and had to make my exit either before passing out or projectile puking in a radius of 10' around me. Sorry Folks. I will put up a separate page for the few songs that I recorded.

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The show 10/13/09 TOTAL MB=89.7MB: Download V0/mp3 Here.

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