...Of The Horizon - Live 2/13/2010 @ The Relax Bar

A nice brutal night for headliners Black Cobra, but playing right before them was the band Of The Horizon who set the tone just right for Black Cobra's strike! Of The Horizon had some technical difficulties in the beginning of their set, plus some beer spillage on the guitarists' pedals... OUCH! But the pedals sounded fine after a mild drying. It was nice and loud for this trio to blast our ears out with some metal. The timing was right for Of The Horizon to play their sweet serenades to the Relax Bar audience. Enjoy this set!!!

...Of The Horizon show zipped from 2/13/10 SIZE=68.2MB Download/V0 mp3s

...Of The Horizon - Live 2/21/2010 @ Dipiazza's

This was a great night for it was for a family friend who has Lou Gehrig's disease and has mounting expenses for hospital care. It was a good cause and there were several bands playing on this bill, most notably and the reason why I went was ...Of The Horizon. 2nd time seeing them and they absolutely brought a good time with them! They played for about an hour with 3 new songs that were debuted for the 1st time, and that made my night. It was an absolute blast. Met some cool people too. From what Steve told me, they raised a thousand dollars, which I'm very happy to hear about.

...Of The Horizon show zipped from 2/21/10 SIZE=102.9MB Download/V0 mp3s

...Of The Horizon - Live 3/28/2010 @ Mountain Bar

A free show??? GET OUT OF HERE!!! Heck yeah on being ever present for the Horizon!!! Fell in love with this band ever since they played their show with Black Cobra @ the Relax Bar!!! A-mazing! But this night was special cause they played a nice set with a NEW song. I recently spoke to Steve (drummer) and he said that they're still working on the title to that one AND that they have a ton of new material in the works. Without further adieu:

...Of The Horizon show zipped from 3/28/10 SIZE=120.4MB Download/V0 mp3s

...Of The Horizon - Live 6/8/2010 @ Sabor Lounge

Sabor Lounge was an interesting place. Small dive bar near downtown LA and not the safest neighborhood either. 4 bands played on June 8th and it started with Kill Kill Kill, ...Of The Horizon, Destroy Judas, and Aranya. Unfortunately my ride arrived right when the last band, Aranya went on. I wanted to stay but going home was more important. ...Of the Horizon played an awesome set and played a brand new song, called "Witch At the Helm." Brilliantly blistering as Iron Mike blasted our ears out with his Green Cab monstrosity. Steve and Bill always are an awesome team of being the rhythm section for this band. Oh yeah, the gong was tight too... Here's ...Of The Horizon's set:

...Of The Horizon show zipped from 6/8/10 SIZE=80.6MB Download/V0 mp3s

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