Open Hand - UPDATED 2/5/10

Open Hand - The Derby - 1/6/06

Not much can be remembered about this night since it was several years ago. They did play a different version of "Humaduece" which the longer version was played at the Key Club for the record release party. Ultimately this song didn't make the new album, it almost made it on as a bonus track as a conglomeration of ideas in a ten minute track that Justin played for me. In retrospect, this song feels like it should've been a B-side to "You and Me." Definitely has a different vibe then the rest of "Honey."

I have a couple more 2006 shows that I'll be putting up in the future.

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The show 1/6/06 TOTAL MB=64.2MB: Download V0/mp3 Here.

Open Hand - Spaceland - 1/4/10

Well, well, well, last night was a rager when Open Hand hit stage. Wish there were a photographer there to get a business card from, alas, there was just the plain old point and shoot folks. Oh well, at least the show came out well on the Ed. Soundguy definitely had some trouble mixing the so many mics on stage... 1 for Ryan, 2 for Justin, 3 for Keyboardist duder, and THREE more mics for the Angels!!! Oh yeah, did I tell ya it was packt? There were shit ton of folks for the Hand!!! Which was nice!

OHHHHHHH, the real joy for a person who's seen the Hand for the past few years, they started the set with a different song!!! PHEW! Change it up man! Thank goodness!!! They opened with "Werden (tentatively called?)," one of the heavier songs on the New Album instead of their usual "Hard Night" intro and song from their "You and Me" album. They played a couple more new numbers from "Honey" which were, "Cool" and "Herons." I was so looking forward to hear "Herons" live even though Matt Talbott sings on the album version. Goodness gracious, that song rockt live!!!

Alex Organ (for those not in the know is Jason Gerken's half brother) pounded the drums last night. He was so damn unforgiving! Relentless! It runs in the family I guess. The rest of the band was tight! The Angels add a new dimension to the band, making it funner? Shit, that's not even a word, but funner is what I'm going to run with and say about this new lineup!!!

The show 1/4/10 TOTAL MB=71.6MB: Download V0/mp3 Here.

Open Hand - Rainbow Bar and Grill - 3/11/10

It was hot in that little room last night, Open Hand played a nice set and seared through 10 songs at the Rainbow Bar and Grill. Hardly any circulation in that place, but the energy was there nonetheless. The highlights of the set were the new songs, BUT they were the same ones that they played at Spaceland on 1/4 of this year. I was hoping more newer songs, but that was all in their repertoire for this evening.

I didn't get a chance to ask, but Alex Organ is not in the Hand. The drummer who did play though had a small electronic pads to activate samples from the album--that was a bonus for me. They had the intro to the album for "Herons," "Cool's" intro from the movie Parenthood, and the BIg Trouble in Little China sample in "Hard Night."

More personnel changes: 1 of the Angels was dropped, the short Asian girl was not there as well.

I'm pretty excited for this album to drop and will pre-order the album next week Monday on the 15th. The album will be released on April 20th and remember folks, Open Hand is not releasing the album, but Anodyne Records is. Hence, the record label is responsible for releasing this. The band is just responsible for the music, not the politics behind the album.

The show 3/11/10 TOTAL MB=80.8MB: Download V0/mp3 Here.

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