Riddle of Steel @ The Hurricane, Kansas City, MO. 3/11/05

WOW, 3 of my favorite bands in 1 night! Traindodge & Riddle of Steel @ the Hurricane and The Life and Times @ the Brick. Incredible night that I flew out to Kansas City, MO for. Great sets by all.

Lineage: Sharp Minidisc > Edirol R09 > Imac G5 > Amadeus Pro > xACT (to V0 mp3) > Itunes (for id3 tags) > Zipped and Uploaded for you

3/11/05 Riddle of Steel, Size=69.4MB: Download V0/mp3

Sadly this was the last Riddle Of Steel show in California. It was the 3rd or 4th Southern California show ever, they only ventured to the Midwest 2 or 3 times unfortunately. They will be missed!

5/29/08 Riddle of Steel Size=46.5MB: Download AAC/m4a

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