Silversun Pickups - Live 4/30/2009 @ The Echoplex.

A fantastic show, this was recorded on the Edirol onboard mics set at 24bit & 48kHz. Sounded great, I was 10' away from stage left monitors. Enjoy the show!!!

The whole show zipped from 4/12/09 TOTAL MB=120.7MB: SSPU 4/12/09

This recent show was announced in an email at 6:30pm that it was for a benefit for the Pablove Foundation. I got to it at 8:50pm and immediately bought a ticket. It sold out shortly after. The show was great, the opening band, Eulogies didn't do much for me. I got to meet Shirley Manson and she confirmed that she did have a jam session w/my friend Josh Klinghoffer, Eric Avery and Stephen Perkins!!! She is beautiful and nice!!!

The Pablove Foundation is a wonderful cause to help fight childhood cancer with LOVE. To donate or get information go to:

The whole show zipped from 4/30/09 TOTAL MB=123.8MB: SSPU 4/30/09

My buddy ikillz0mbies filmed these w/his digital camera (from 4/12/09 Pomona show):
Panic Switch

Rusted Wheel

Well Thought Out Twinkles

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