The Jesus Lizard - The Henry Fonda Theatre - UPDATED 11/4/09

10/15/09 @ The Henry Fonda Theatre, Hollywood, CA

I got there early so I decided to go to Amoeba to kill some time before the show. I had a ticket for my buddy Alex who wasn't showin' up till later with the rest of the crew. When the time arrived, we missed Black Elk who was the 1st opener of the evening and whom I've seen open up for Kylesa and Intronaut earlier this year. My friends and I decided that we'll catch the band before the Lizard, so we witnessed the intriguing Model/Actress. We couldn't figure out why they had 2 bassists when they were practically playing the same lines, but an observation was made amongst us that the whole band had a difficult time to kick out the 2nd bass player. I yelled out they needed a 2nd drummer since they have a 2nd guitarist it would be like King Crimson's double-trio from the Thrak era.

Our ears were saved when Yow and the Lizard hit the stage. It was a relentless bludgeoning set of 20 songs. Yow was really into it. During the set before David yells, "Motherfucker tore my shirt," the singer managed to get close enough to me about < 10'. Since I was recording, I decided to step back away from the spotlight, luckily he found a fan to hang on to and sing into the fan's face. If it would've been me, I would have been in deep caca. It was a fun set nonetheless and the whole band were super tight from playing this tour. Glad my friends made it and happy to see the Lizard at least once in my life. But if they do another go around which most likely will not happen, I'd be glad to go see them again. They didn't disappoint!

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