El Ten Eleven - RECENT SHOW: Live at the Hotel Cafe: 12/10/08 Hollywood, CA

NOTE: to download, just right hand click and "save target as" or "save as" on PC. If you're on a Mac, then use "option" + click. Also, if your download is a text file, change the file extension from .m4a.txt to .m4a. These files will play in Itunes and other players that can play the "Apple Audio Codec." If you need help with Winamp, email me @ musicschlack at yahoo dot com

01. Keep

02. Living On Credit Blues

03. 49th Day

04. Bye Folks

05. 3 Plus 4

06. Dax Pierson

07. Every Direction Is North

08. Hot Cakes

09. Lorge

A zipped whole show from 1/8/04 at Spaceland TOTAL MB=51.8MB: Live20040108Spaceland.zip

Anotha zipped whole show from 10/4/03 at Found Music (RIP) TOTAL MB=43.8: Live20031004FoundMusic.zip

A 3rd zipped whole show from 2/16/05 at King King's with a segue of Paranoid Android TOTAL MB=43.1: Live20050216King.zip

Another zipped whole show from 3/14/08 at Pehrspace w/the new song entitled, "I like Van Halen because my sister says they're cool" TOTAL MB=54.6: Live20080314Pehrspace.zip

Another zipped whole show from 3/20/08 at The Silverlake Lounge TOTAL MB=42.3: Just El Ten Eleven
Size=19.5MB El Ten Eleven With Ninja Academy
Size=44.4MB Just Ninja Academy

A show from 7/31/08 with Pinback at Orange County Performing Arts Ctr TOTAL MB=60.4: Live20080731Orange_ETE.zip

Show from 10/13/08 @ Spaceland TOTAL MB=43.1: Live20081013Space_L1011.zip

Show from 12/10/08 @ The Hotel Cafe TOTAL MB=70.1: Live20081210Hotel_L1011.zip

Show from 2/5/09 @ The Hotel Cafe TOTAL MB=81.6: Live20090205Hotel_ETE.zip

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